Alexa Skills Release Date

Shows the rapid increase in the number of Skills released for Alexa over time, beginning with a small cluster of core services on launch to a proliferation of Skills (currently over 5000), as the device was adopted by more households and public APIs made development development more accessible.

Reviews per Skill

Shows the number of reviews which each Skill has. There are a huge number of Skills developed by single individuals – many to test the platform out – which have zero reviews, a good indicator that they have received little to no use. On the other hand, only a small percentage of Skills receive over a 100 reviews, not a large number considering Amazon has supposedly sold over 5 million devices.

Complete List of Alexa Skills

(table not shown as too large/processor intensive)

Source: showing only title, author, and ratings information, modified from the original list provided by Dale Higgs under the MIT License