cardboard, code, video, lanyards

In 2013 Amazon.com Inc attempted to acquire one of several hundred new top-level-domain names (TLDs), “.amazon”, quickly hitting opposition from the governments of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and other countries who claimed the name belonged to the environmental region, not the corporation. This project explores the conflation of these two entities, collapsing the aesthetics of each ecosystem. A-Star-Star is a mobile app which uses a pathfinding algorithm to juxtapose terminology from both Amazons. Top Apparel recreates an indigenous garment depicted in a Google Image search using Amazon’s ‘frustration free’ packaging. TLD Tales mixes startup culture with native yore by using domain names registered by the company. Centre of Fulfillment demarcates the primal form of a circle on the gallery floor using ID lanyards like those worn by the retailer’s employees.

Top Apparel 2015Centre of Fulfilment 2015TLD Tales (still)TLD Tales (still)TLD Tales (still)A-Star-Star mobile app