Transparency Piece

performer, projector

For any situation in which a projector is beaming a noticeable image or colour onto a surface,
and it is possible to block this beam significantly using the body.

Stand against the surface which is being projected onto, looking towards the projector.
Step towards the projector, speaking aloud the first phrase below.
Continue stepping towards the projector, uttering one phrase for each step.
The piece ends when the last phrase is uttered or the projector beam is entirely blocked
(ideally these events occur simultaneously).

Transparency is the new privacy.1
Transparency is the first casualty.2
Transparency is the antidote to dark money.3
Transparency is a dirty word.4
Transparency is the best disinfectant.5
Transparency is a two-way street.6
Transparency is better than limits.7
Transparency is in the eye of the beholder.8
Transparency is a carefully cultivated myth.9
Transparency is kryptonite to fight corruption.10
Transparency is the right thing to do.11
Transparency is not an option.12


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