01:58 PM Oct 21
“New Anxieties” is showing tonight at Kreuzberg Pavilion, Naunynstraße 53, Berlin 20.00 Uhr

10:08 PM Oct 18
Talking about training machines to be paranoid and generative processes next Wed at creative tech meetup

10:38 AM Oct 17
Texts for two recent talks, ‘Logistics of the Image’, and ‘Exhaustion Algorithm’,

03:58 PM Oct 14
‘Art and Future’ wrapping up, thanks to Dunedin School of Art
@OtagoPolytech & @Lovedunedin for hosting #artfuturenz

03:49 PM Oct 14
Gorgeous sunny day in Dunedin, everyone at airport relaxed apart from Germans arguing irritably about ‘Zeitverschiebung’ (time zone) 😉

02:33 PM Oct 14
‘Art as an agent of change’ in the public -Baillie (but what type of change, whom does it benefit and what are implications?)

02:23 PM Oct 14
9/11 memorial artworks help people to ‘move forward again’-Baillie (but surely also reinforce particular patriotic ideologies?)

02:20 PM Oct 14
Edvard Munch, ‘The Sick Child’, 1907 – girl dying in bed of TB but hope in the form of face turned towards light -B…

02:17 PM Oct 14
Art involved in Recovery as defined by Civil Defense, holistic approach to regenerate hope, things are worth doing -Baillie

02:15 PM Oct 14
Herbert Read, art is the expression of and science is the representation of reality -Louisa Baillie