08:15 PM Apr 26
Pyropractices for a necrocapitalism. ‘bringing to the surface the fossilized, organic matter of once-living things and burning it’ -Dibley

11:59 AM Apr 26
‘resource wars, domestic unrest, state-militarism, and corporate totalitarianism are the death throes of a system that has run its course.’

11:56 AM Apr 26
‘The idea of removing carbon from the atmosphere sounds technologically difficult and insanely expensive. It’s not.’

11:54 AM Apr 26
‘The question is whether the transition to a post-carbon energy system will occur fast enough to avoid climate catastrophe.’

11:52 AM Apr 26
‘a very different economy in which unlimited growth underpinned by endless cheap fossil fuel energy are a relic of the early 21st century.’

11:39 AM Apr 26
Innovative hardware and complex algorithms – to produce the worst kind of derivative celebrity portrait art.

11:16 AM Apr 26
Energy Return on Investment and the the death of the fossil fuel industry
#peakoil #zeroprofitoil

08:36 PM Apr 25
“Nosferatu (Viola-Jones recut)” An algorithm reorganises the 1922 film by the horizontal position of detected faces

03:29 PM Apr 25
“we don’t yet know what the world is, what the Earth is” -Geoff Manaugh on remembering Lebbeus Woods

01:40 PM Apr 24
Megacities, not nations, are the world’s dominant, enduring social structures
#urbanity #nationstate via @qz