11:12 AM Mar 29
IAPA conference seeks to ‘promote and advance culturally diverse and socially responsive public art’. Cost: 0.

06:35 PM Mar 27
Writing for an upcoming show by artist Eddie Clemens – a text currently spanning bodily glitches, alien AI and

04:24 PM Mar 26
“Imaginary Audience Scale” opens tonight
@ARTSPACE_NZ , with @yokoono @ArtandLanguage Lawrence Wiener @navva0 + more

08:06 PM Mar 25
New website up at takes cues from wikipedia and craigslist – superbasic, superfast #responsive

12:32 PM Mar 24
Music from browser activity, soundtracks for a Toyota Matrix, and performance today – an interview with Holly Herndon

10:33 AM Mar 23
In Silicon Valley, sexism on trial
In Gulf, tech women outnumber men

10:44 PM Mar 22
Aspects which “aren’t productively ‘read’ by data mining” + create “condition of possibility for the apparent durability of the totality”

10:23 PM Mar 22
World literature as ‘tastefully exotic baubles’ – “reflexive endorsement of cultural substitutability” -Emily Apter

08:21 PM Mar 22
How is Capitalism to be Represented? A conversation on e-flux
#eisenstein #daskapital

08:07 PM Mar 22
Interesting aside from
@ARTSPACE_NZ, positioning current Billy Apple works as outliers to his carefully crafted brand