Luke Munn is a media studies scholar based at UQ in Mianjin/Brisbane. His wide-ranging research investigating the social, political, and environmental impacts of digital technologies has been featured in highly regarded journals such as Cultural Politics and Big Data & Society as well as popular forums like The Guardian and The Washington Post.  He has written five books: Unmaking the Algorithm (2018), Logic of Feeling (2020), Automation is a Myth (2022), Countering the Cloud (2022), and Technical Territories (2023 forthcoming). His work combines diverse digital methods with critical analysis that draws on media, race, and cultural studies.

Recent Engagements:
– Interview with Fortune reporter on online misinformation and social media logics
– Interview with New Books Network on Automation is a Myth
– Interview with Mel Hogan on ChatGPT and the allure of contemporary AI
– Public Lecture on the Uselessness of AI Ethics at TU Vienna
– Interview with InfoLibre reporter on Twitter takeover and social media logics