05:30 PM Aug 18
Optimal Anecdote, an everyday tale ‘enhanced’ with your data (e.g. time, currency, location) to increase engagement

12:59 PM Aug 18
Otto, startup for self-driving trucks and load-matching platform, founded in May and joins Uber just 3 months later

12:37 PM Aug 18
From employees to “partners”, from “partners” to redundancies. Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pburg in 2 weeks

04:01 PM Aug 17
Wifi as souvenir. Stored user/pass as memento of particular time and place, most never used again.

12:59 PM Aug 17
Ivy league acceptance rate higher than McDonalds.
#mcjob #unemployment

12:58 AM Aug 17
“As long as there are people on this planet, the waste industries will never die. So we’re not worried about the future of the industry”

02:06 PM Aug 16
“There are very few books on new media worth reading-bookstore shelves still overflow with fluff on digital this and digital that.”-Galloway

02:06 PM Aug 15
“Even the most secure encryption can’t save the revolution from eating its own children.”
#crypto #power #appelbaum

01:47 PM Aug 15
Latest news from
@BenedictEvans reminder that once on mobile and using official app, ad-blockers vs anti-blocking is ‘yesterdays battle’.

04:31 PM Aug 09
“Highly Available, Self-Healing, Persistent”-not a personality but Uber’s description of the Marketplace software stack