Feb 24
SR / DPR on now @splitfountain 5-8 pm

Feb 23
Alien AI “we have much to gain from a more sincere and disenchanted relationship to synthetic intelligences” #ooo

Feb 23
The bio economy: “Too busy coding to pop out a baby when you’re at your most fertile? Put that on ice for later.”

Feb 23
Crucial tech for todays world. “The inner 11-year-old—we want to blow that away.” #rayguns #monsters #magicleap

Feb 20
Latest #workinprogress for the ‘Splash World’ exhibition I’m currently working on – #100%pure #natural #nestle

Feb 18
“SR / DPR” – a data portrait of alleged Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht – coming up fast. Wed 5-8pm @splitfountain

Feb 16
Using pathfinding algorithm to combine text and imagery from the two Amazons – screenshots from #workinprogress

Feb 10
Great conversations with James Charlton and Karin Hofko today on art, embodiment & performance @Colab_AUT @ArtistsAlliance #betterwork

Feb 10
Kawara ‘anticipated an obsession with personal data, but because he was rooted in another world, offers alternative ways of thinking’ #qs

Feb 10
On Kawara ‘spun art out of existential metadata—not the content of his life but its wreaths of attendant information’ #quantifiedself #alive