Apr 15
Delivering presentation today on cyberspace, commodified bodies, #stacktivism and internet time @Colab_AUT

Apr 10
Documentation of ‘Cloud’ (8 channel generative sound, coltan, packaging) now online. #material #immaterial

Mar 26
‘Cloud’, a multichannel audio work, opens next Thursday at Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, Christchurch #soundart

Mar 23
Fortune telling. 1995 essay on Californian Ideology perfectly captures Silicon Valley culture of our current moment.

Mar 17
Sound all around. Testing 8 channel sound work for upcoming exhibition at the auricle sonic arts gallery next month. #cloud #canary

Mar 09
Computers & Capital exhibition “the shift from competing banks to networks and algorithms.” #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

Mar 07
Firefox Web History 2012-2014

Mar 03
The beautiful tones of economic freefall, sonification chimes sweetly while #bitcoin currency slides into oblivion

Mar 02
Excited to announce I’ll be starting a Masters of Creative Technology tomorrow @CoLab #art #technology

Feb 27
Great overview of the work of @josephdelappe, including his in-game #AmericanArmy intervention, “Dead in Iraq”