Jul 24
Great keynote on monadism, last angel of history and afrofuturism by Laura Marks @AUTuni film conference

Jul 23
My work ‘Siren Song’ and handpicked selections broadcast on community radio @WGXC this Saturday, New York + webstream

Jul 21
Assisting Clinton Watkins for three weeks with his sound workshop @Colab_AUT – composition, instrument building, performance #perfectstorm

Jul 16
Some recent experiments, Hyperscroll and Gazemaps, now up on my Tumblr #infinitescroll #eyetracking #selfsurveillance

Jul 13
“Klapaucius” opens this Friday @EmbassyGallery with 2 new works, Four Minute Tweet and Cron Jobber #galleryasserver

Jul 12
Just finished up #TheCircle – Dave Eggers scarily prescient tale of tech titan turned totalitarian. #knoweverything #secretsarelies #zing

Jul 08
“Digital Disenchantment” getting lots of reads, msg me if interested in publishing or conference pres. #postdigital

Jul 08
Targeted memory loss: Google launches features to comply with Europe’s new #righttobeforgotten laws. #oblivion

Jul 07
Oblio out now from Broken Dimanche Press, publication as extension of the Oblivion exhibition #memory #forgetting

Jun 30
Digital Disenchantment, my #postdigital overview, w/ ideas from @juspar @seancubitt @jamesbridle @florian_cramer etc