01:07 PM Jul 27
HRC ‘nominated for president, but not for the front page’. Picture on 19 of 50 front pages.

11:04 AM Jul 27
A “non political” platform where “harassment is impossible”? Politics is programmed, not just manual intervention.

10:59 AM Jul 27
“technology companies… providers that are completely non-political”. Unfortunately there is no such thing.

10:53 AM Jul 27
“Twitter is carefully engineered to cultivate maximum violence.”
#social #antisocial

11:22 AM Jul 24
“8 to 80 – does a grandmother feel comfortable riding with her grandson? that’s a street that’s got it right”

07:17 PM Jul 20
Thousands of academic papers based on trusted algorithms now cast into doubt

02:35 PM Jul 07
“How radical is the Maker Movement Manifesto? The acknowledgments thank Autodesk, Ford, DARPA, the V.A., Lowe’s, and G.E” -Evgeny Morozov

08:36 PM Jun 23
New work online, “Composite User #1″ imagines the Kaaba, Brent Crude index and Jeddah air traffic as a single user

08:35 PM Jun 23
New work online, “Stratigraphic Sound” sonifies the geologic strata diagrams produced by petrochemical companies

06:23 PM Jun 22
Algorithms dreaming up new anxieties – currently training a recurrent neural network on the Afghan War Diaries.
#machinelearning #nervousai